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Homework #3 - Linguistics 20 Introduction to Linguistics...

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Linguistics 20 Fall 2010 Introduction to Linguistics Hayes/Koller/White Homework #3: Persian Grammar Due in class Monday Oct. 19 Persian, often called Farsi, is the national language of Iran, and is widely spoken in neighboring countries and abroad. This question asks you to work out some of the grammar of Persian and express it using the formalisms developed in class. The data given are somewhat archaic and stilted in style. 1 If you speak Persian yourself, exercise caution, since the goal is to describe what’s actually given here, not the more modern variety that you speak. 1. Questions a. Using the data, make a small dictionary. Include just five nouns and five verbs (to keep your answer short), but include every Adjective, Adverb, Article, Complementize, Preposition, and Pronoun. Provide a gloss for every entry. Sort the dictionary by part of speech. So, for instance, for German a similar dictionary would be: Nouns Buch ‘book’ Hund ‘dog’ Verbs geben ‘give’ lassen ‘let’ etc. You do not have to include inflectional endings in dictionary entries. b. List all inflected forms of the verb stem did , ‘see’. But don’t try to work out the rules; you would need more data for that. c. Draw the trees for sentences 1, 8, 18, and 19. d. Construct a set of phrase structure rules sufficient to derive all 19 syntactic trees. 2 e. Write a case-marking rule for Accusative case. Does this affect the head, or the rightmost word? (The relevant section of the readings is pp. 86-90). f.
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Homework #3 - Linguistics 20 Introduction to Linguistics...

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