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CM120/Ling 177 (Structure of Korean) Homework (1) Due January 18 (Tues, by noon), 2011 *No late assignment will be accepted. Name _______________________ Provide a brief definition of the following terms and also provide example(s) for each term in Korean (i.e. in the Hangul script 한글 ). 1. Agglutinative morphology 2. Bright vowels
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Diphthongs 4. Interrogative endings 5. Koreanized English loan words 6. Macro-to-micro word order 7. Morpheme 8. Morphophonemic writing 9. Phonetic writing 10. Postpositional particles 11. Propositive endings 12. Sino-Korean words 13. Sound-symbolic words 14. Syllable 15. Tense consonants 16. Vowel harmony rules...
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