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Homework #3. 1. Find Fourier transforms of the following functions. Sketch the intensity distribution in the plane of the transparency and the focal plane of a lens. (Use λ = 1μm and lens f = 100cm.) a) t(x,y) = δ (x-y) b) t(x,y) = δ (x+a) + δ (x-a), a = 1mm c) t(x,y) = δ (x+a) + j δ (x-a), a = 1mm where δ is a δ -function. 2. Optical FT system is designed to display a FT of 2-D functions with spatial frequencies between 20 and 200 lines/mm. What should be the focal length of the lens to obtain separation of 9cm between highest and lowest spatial frequencies in
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