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Homework4 - Homework#4 1 Consider a spatial filtering...

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Homework #4. 1. Consider a spatial filtering system (4F system) Assume f = 1000mm and λ = 1μm Write an expression relating the complex amplitude g(x,y) of light in the image plane to f(x,y) and p(x,y). Assuming all distances in mm sketch g(x,0) for following cases: a) f(x,y) = δ (x-5) and p(x,y) = rect(x) b) f(x,y) = rect(x) and p(x,y) = sinc(x) 2. Determine a filter p(x,y) to obtain an output 2 (, ) T gxy f xy =∇ where 22 2 T x y ∂∂
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