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Homework #5. 1. Assume a spherical reference wave centered about the point (0, 0, -d). Determine the hologram pattern and examine the reconstructed wave when: a) the object wave is a plane wave traveling at an angle θ xo b) the object wave is a spherical wave centered at (-x o , 0, -d) Approximate spherical waves by paraboloidal waves. 2. A transparency with amplitude transmittance given by f(x,y) = f 1 (x-a, y) + f 2 (x+a, y) is Fourier transformed by a lens and the intensity is recorded on a hologram.
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Unformatted text preview: The hologram then is illuminated (after developing the film) by a reference parallel to axis of a lens that is used to perform a Fourier transform on the reconstructed waves. Derive an expression relating the reconstructed wave in the FT plane of the lens (g(x,y)) to f 1 (x,y) and f 2 (x,y). Show how to find correlation of f 1 (x,y) and f 2 (x,y)....
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