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ECE103(W2011) HW #2 1/20/11 (Due on 1/27/11, before class! Do NOT accept late HWs ) 1. Problem 2.6 in Pierret. 2. Problem 2.14 in Pierret. 3. Problem 2.16 in Pierret. 4. Problem 2.17 in Pierret. 5. Problem 2.18 in Pierret. (Extra credits) 6. A semiconductor is doped with N D ( N D >> n i ) and has a resistance
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Unformatted text preview: R 1 . The same semiconductor is then doped with an unknown amount of acceptors N A ( N A >> N D ), yielding a resistance of 0.5 R 1 . Find N A in terms of N D if D n / D p =50. 7. Problem 3.10 in Pierret. (Extra credits for 3.10d)...
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