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ECE103 (Winter 2011) HW #1 Due Tuesday 1/18 (before class starts) 1. Pierret, 1.7. 2. Pierret, 1.8. 3. Pierret, 1.9. 4. (a) Determine the Miller Indices of a plane intercept with the axes at: (i) 2, 4, 1; (ii) 3, 1, 2; (iii) 1, 2, ∞. (b) Assuming a cubic crystal structure, identify and make a sketch of the following planes: (i) (1 10), (ii) (002), (iii) (123). (c) Assuming a cubic crystal structure, use an appropriately directed arrow to identify the following directions: (i) [01
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Unformatted text preview: 0], (ii) [123], (iii) [101]. (d) List all the equivalent planes and directions: (i) {100}, (ii) <110>, (iii) {111}. 5. (a) What is the nearest neighbor distance in Si and GaAs (Ga to Ga or As to As)? (b) Calculate the density of GaAs (a=5.63Å). 6. (a) Find the numbers of Si atoms per square centimeter in Si in the (100), (110), (111) planes. (b) How about Ga atoms in GaAs in the (100), (110), (111) planes? 7. Pierret, 2.6....
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