ECE103 1st midterm Review topics

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ECE103 Review topics (1 st Midterm) 1/2711 Chapter 1: Semiconductor structures 1. Crystal structures (lattice, and unit cells); 2. Planes and directions in crystal using Miller indices 3. Density in 3D unit cells or 2D planes (calculation) Chapter 2: Carriers (under equilibrium) in semiconductors 1. Bonding, energy band, band gap 2. Doping 3. Law of mass action 4. Charge neutrality relationship 5. Effective mass, density of states, Fermi distribution, and carrier concentration
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Unformatted text preview: (calculation) Chapter 3: Carrier Motion in semiconductors 1. Carrier drift motion, drift velocity, drift mobility 2. diffusion motion 3. Drift and diffusion current (directions) 4. Einstein relationship 5. Carrier generation/recombination process 6. Continuity equations 7. Minority carrier diffusion equations (minority carrier lifetime, diffusion length)...
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