ECE103 Review topics for 2nd midterm

ECE103 Review topics for 2nd midterm - Chapter 10(10.1-10.5...

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Review guidance (ECE103) Topics to be covered (midterm #2): Chapter 5 (section 5.1-5.2.4) Poisson’s equation, pn junction, step junction, built-in potential, depletion and depletion approximation, depletion width, electric field and potential across pn junction. Chapter 6 (section 6.1-6.2) The pn diode operation, ideal pn diode current, derivation, deviation of ideal diode behaviors, breakdown, avalanche breakdown, Zener breakdown, generation- recombination current.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 (10.1-10.5) bipolar junction transistors, structure (emitter, base, collector), current, voltage, operation, emitter efficiency, base transport factor, common base and common emitter dc current gain. Chapter 11 (11.1-11.2.4) BJT basic assumptions, current and current gain calculations, performance parameters, Ebers-Moll equation, base width modulation and punch-through, avalanche breakdown and multiplication....
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