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strategic human resource management - MILITARY ART AND...

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MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE 13 REVISTA ACADEMIEI FOR ĥ ELOR TERESTRE NR. 1 (57)/2010 STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN THE MARITIME KNOWLEDGE BASED ORGANIZATION Belev BLAGOVEST ”Nikola Vaptsarov” Naval Academy, Varna, Bulgaria Radu HANZU – PAZARA Cristina NISTOR Constan į a Maritime University ABSTRACT Strategic human resource management is the process of linking the function of human resources and the managerial processes requiring human resource policies and practices with the strategic objectives of management in order to improve performance of the knowledge based organization. The aim of this paper is to point that an important aspect of strategic human resource management is employees’ development, which begins in the recruitment stage and continues while interviewing prospective cadets and seafarers in order to find the best employees for the maritime company. Following this stage, in order to help seafarers perform at their best, a maritime company can provide specific human resources strategies of continual training programs and regular assessment. A maritime company can increase productivity if there is an adequate human resource planning and integration of human resource strategies with business strategies. Keywords: strategic management, human resource management, crew, knowledge based organization 1. Introduction In the knowledge based organisation, human resources have the leading role in the development of the maritime organisation. The main factor in seafarer management is the human factor. Strategic human resource management is a very difficult domain to be analyzed, especially when we are talking about crewing, due to particular working conditions. A maritime company can acquire success when management strategies properly motivate seafarers through various methods as: good contracts, refund or pay for all courses and certifications, professional working conditions, a wage system that reduce employment turn over. Each navigation company strives to evolve in order to
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14 MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE REVISTA ACADEMIEI FOR ĥ ELOR TERESTRE NR. 1 (57)/2010 occupy a leading place on seafarers’ market and the key strategy needed in this case is management of personnel development. 2. Employees’ Development – Key Strategy in the Knowledge Based Maritime Company In the knowledge society, ships are becoming more and more efficient and computerized. New innovations and inventions facilitate seafarers’ work, but at the same time these machines partially replace human activity. Today, new vessels,
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strategic human resource management - MILITARY ART AND...

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