organisational practices

organisational practices - Organisational practices of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Organisational practices of the management of in-service training in the Turkish national police: a thematic analysis Cevdet Zengin Superintendent, Bursa Emniyet Mudurlugu, Turkish National Police, 1 Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi, Bursa 16340, Turkey. Email:; Submitted 3 May 2010; revision submitted 16 July 2010; accepted 21 July 2010 Keywords: Turkish National Police, police training, training function, training policy, training strategy, needs analysis, design, delivery, evaluation and training audit Cevdet Zengin , PhD, is serving as a super- intendent in the Turkish National Police. He received a BA in criminal justice and policing studies from the Turkish national police academy in 1998. After graduation, he served in the Tur- kish National Police for 11 years in various police sections such as police stations, CID and the child protection unit. He worked as an inter- national civilian officer in a United Nations mis- sion in Kosovo between 2004 and 2005. He holds a masters degree in sociology from the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Uludag, Turkey. He won a full scholarship from the Tur- kish National Police to study abroad in 2006. Later he went to the University of Portsmouth, UK for PhD research degree studies. He com- pleted his PhD research successfully in June 2010. His current research interests include international police cooperation, police educa- tion and training. He is currently studying poli- cing, management and police training policies and practice. A BSTRACT This paper examines organisational perspectives on the management of the in-service training function within the Turkish National Police. It is based on themes that emerged during an exam- ination of Turkish academic and professional lit- erature relating to policing and police training. The emerging training-related issues are grouped under the following thematic areas: (1) policy- making and central planning, (2) training needs analysis, (3) training research and development, (4) training delivery, (5) training evaluation, (6) employment of both training staff and trainees, and (7) inspection practices relating to the train- ing function. The themes revealed that the organ- isational management of the in-service training function in the Turkish National Police (TNP) seems to be largely disintegrated and poorly aligned. INTRODUCTION Training is a key driver for police organisa- tions to improve both police performance and service delivery (HMIC, 1999). Effect- ive workforce training is dependent on a consistent alignment of training with stra- tegic priorities, and systematically evaluat- ing training activities plays a key role in helping organisations to ensure that training Page 607 International Journal of Police Science and Management, Vol. 12 No. 4, 2010, pp. 607621....
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organisational practices - Organisational practices of the...

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