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staff development and training - COVER STORY EOUCATION To...

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Unformatted text preview: COVER STORY EOUCATION To earn CEUs, see current test on pages 20--21 or online at under the CE Tests tab. The CE test covers only "Weaving a web of excellence through staff development and training." LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this article, the reader will be able to: 1. Discuss traditional assumptions that have served as barriers in learning and teaching, 2. List and discuss the three phases of educational experience. 3. Describe the cognitive web and its implication fortraining. 4. Differentiate among four domains in educational planning and implementation. 5. Discuss setting and training formats to include implementing a learning strategy and ways of achieving a corporate web of excellence, TO A p ril 2010 • M L O Weaving a web of excellence through staff developent and training By David Loughtniller, MBA, MTfASCP) SC, and Douglas Godwin, PhD D avid Hombeck. in sharing a cballenge faced by his labo- ratory al Suburban Hospital in Bethesda. MD. addresses a problem confronting many labs today — internal at- trition as baby boomers enter retirement. The challenge led Suburban to acquire expensive equipment to further automate the testing process. Yet. witb the purchases, ihere remains a substantial shortfall in professional expertise to meet the de- mands placed on that laboratory. Hornbeck indicates, "While Suburban Hospital's laboratory has invested and will continue to invest in technology to aid in meeting testing demand, administration sees continuous staff development as the next horizon. As baby boomers retire, an experience and knowledge void is being created. To belp till the voids left by the boom- ers, Suburban has added two positions to assist in keeping tbe staff trained on a continuous basis. Tbe newest administrative positions are tbe quality coordinator and educational trainer/ professional staff development coordinator .... Suburban's hope is that these new positions will deliver the education level needed lo continue to provide the tech-savvy technologists that the hospital and lab require as well as retain those who have already reached that level."' A broader problem Suburban Hospital's challenges represent a microcosm of those being confronted throughout laboratory medicine, Laura Landro o f The Wall Street Journal, in explaining tbe nature of the deficit, quotes Michael Laposata. Vanderbill's head pathologist in Nashville. TN, He indicates that labs of smaller hospitals around the nation are insufficiently staffed to meet any serious epidemic, let alone a threat of a potential pandémie like the influenza A/HINl. Vanderbilt itself has periodically required double shifts and shuffled hospital staff to meet lab responsibilities. Landro expands on the problem by \A /w w .m lo -o n lin e .c o m \ V IRAINING/EOUCATIOISU- \ \ pointing out. "While the United States is currently experieneing ;i shortage of medical teehnologists. as well as virtu- ally all other healtheare professionals, student enrollment in MT programs is...
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staff development and training - COVER STORY EOUCATION To...

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