fatburner - FD note - Because you have studied 2,4 DNP you...

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FD note - Because you have studied 2,4 DNP you know what a bad idea it would be to ingest the stuff. I present this piece from a men's magazine as a cautionary warning. DNP also may be carcinogenic. DNP article "EXPLOSIVE" FAT BURNER? By Derek Cornelius Imagine sitting at home on your sofa, watching your favorite TV show and taking a pill. As you relax, the chemicals in the pill start to work and something fantastic happens within your body. Your muscles become harder and stronger, your fat begins to disappear, and you suddenly notice a surge of energy and vitality. What's going on? You're obtaining the same results from the pill that you used to get from doing a lot of hard work and exercise. Obviously, the above is not possible yet, but we are getting quite a bit closer to the reality every day. Although we can't duplicate with chemicals all the effects of exercise, we can simulate some of the benefits through new, very innovative technology - namely, chemical compounds that have the ability to increase your metabolism drastically, "work" your muscles, and burn a great deal of body fat. The result is a leaner, harder, stronger more fit body. D.N.P. and dynamite. The whole concept of chemical exercise took shape for me nearly a year ago, while I was researching the compound 2,4-dinitrophenol (D.N.P.). This amazing phenol was discovered in the 1800's, when it was used mainly in the manufacture of dynamite. Back then, little though was given to the way D.N.P. might interact with biological processes. There were also no regulatory agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to monitor the handling of dangerous or toxic compounds, so a number of workers in
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fatburner - FD note - Because you have studied 2,4 DNP you...

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