Second Exam - Aug 08

Second Exam - Aug 08 - Biochemistry 6 94301 Second Exam,...

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Biochemistry 694301 Second Exam, Dr. Deis Mon. Aug. 1 1,2008 Name L. _,. - . . Row Letter - Seat Number - This exam consists of two parts. Part I is multiple choice. Each of the 25 questions is worth two points. Answer Part questions on this sheet, below. Answer the Part I1 questions on the question pages. Please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters like this --- A, B, C, D, E. Not lowercase! 1. 10. A 18. c. GRADE: Part Total q-6 11: 11- 1 11-2 11-3 I1 -4 11-5 I1 .3$. < I did not cheat on this exam. SIC- n.< Total, & I1
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694:301 Second Exam, page 2 Name L assumption can we make about the energetics of simple osmosis? is zero, and K, = 1.0 D. Low K,,, means tight binding E. Osmotic pressure = nRT C. AGOy is positive 2. Which of the following is an "ABC transporter"? A. Calcium pump D. Acetylcholine receptor @ - ~ultidru~ res. protein E. GLUT4 receptor C. Voltage gated K+ channel 3. Symport and Antiport are two examples of what? ,-K.' simple diffusion ,Wprimary active tra>sport @$ facilitated diffusion 6none of the above C. secondary active transport 4. Protein Kinase A causes phosphorylation of the target sequence RRGSE in its substrates. - The Regulatory Subunit has the sequence A. ARGSE @. RRGAE B. RAGSE E. RRGSA C. RRASE 5. The second messenger for the system that activates ProteinIenase A is A. Calcium D. cyclic GMP B. 13 BPG (&cyclic AMP C. DAG \--' 6. Protein Kinase C activation is triggered by G-protein activation of a membrane bound enzyme, Phospholipase : A. A D. D &: E. all of the above 7. In the "fluid mosaic model" the mortar of the mosaic is lipid, and the stones are A. cholesterol D. oligosaccharides @roteins E. Calcium sulfate crystals &RNA 8.
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Second Exam - Aug 08 - Biochemistry 6 94301 Second Exam,...

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