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Reflective Report - Reflective Report After my first IELTS...

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Unformatted text preview: Reflective Report After my first IELTS essay wrote in Week 1, I found that I had some weaknesses which need improvement. In order to improve my weaknesses, I set some objectives in my 10 hours independent learning plan. The first objective was to learn more different vocabulary words which about graph description. In my first IELTS writing, the range of vocabulary I used was limited so that I wanted to improve it in my second IELTS writing. The second objective was to learn how to use a suitable structure for my writing. The structure I used in my first IELTS writing was poor, thus I wanted to have some improvement after 10 hours learning plan. I wanted to learn a variety of vocabulary words to describe trends in graphs more accurately so that I searched on internet and some newspapers, such as the website ( ). When I found some useful words, I wrote it down and highlight it in newspapers. Then, I studied them and tried to use those words in my own writing. On the highlight it in newspapers....
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