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CH 4 Questions Class 1. Under what conditions will an increase in price of a product lead to a reduction in total spending for that product. 2. The president of a toy company asks you for advice about whether the company should cut the price of its best-selling doll this year based on the following information: last year the company cut the price of its best-selling doll by 10% and the total revenues from doll sales increased by 10%. 3. The Metropolitan Transit System recently announced a 50% increase in the price of a transit ticket. The administrators said that they needed an increase in revenue to cover their rising costs. Explain the economic rationale for this decision. 4. A gasoline station very near a professional football stadium parks cars on its lot to make money on game days. Last year it charged $4.00 per car and parked 1,000 cars. This year it raised the parking price to $5.00 and parked 850 cars. Did the station owner make a good economic decision in raising the parking prices from one year to the next? Explain.
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