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Name _____________________________ Chemistry 112 Section ____________ EXAM I Student I.D. # ___________________ Monday, 8:30 PM Instructor ________________________ February 10, 2003 125 Directions : 1. Each student is responsible for following directions. Read this page carefully. 2. Write your name and other requested information on this page and on the separate answer sheet. 3. CODE your name on the answer sheet using an ordinary (#2) pencil. 4. CODE your correct identification number (Social Security) on the answer sheet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! 5. CODE your section number on the answer sheet. Please use all four digits, 0101, 0102, 0201, etc. This is also very important! 6. Put all calculations on the examination pages. DO NOT PUT ANY EXTRA MARKS ON THE COMPUTER ANSWER SHEET! 7. This exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions worth 5 points each. Choose the one best or correct answer for each question and write it both on your exam paper and on the computer answer sheet. The computer answer sheet is the only one that will be graded! 8. This exam consists of 6 pages plus a Periodic Table. Please check to be sure that you have them all! Useful Information R = 0.0821 1.00 atm = 760. torr = 760. mm Hg = 29.9 inches Hg K = °C + 273 °F = (1.8 x °C) + 32
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2 Chem 112 ! Exam I ! 2/10/03 A____ 1. Two individual flasks, one of heavy butane gas and the other lightweight hydrogen gas, when connected would: (a) Mix thoroughly by diffusion. (b) Stay in their own flask. (c) Diffuse together with butane at the bottom. (d) Solidify. (e) Rearrange with butane in the lower portion of each flask. A____ 2. A 16.0 L cylinder of gas has a pressure of 110. atm. What would the volume of a balloon be if it could contain this gas at a pressure of 1.00 atm? (Assume constant temperature.) (a) 1,760 L (b) 0.00176 L (c) 0.145 L (d) 6.88 L (e) 2.326 L B____ 3. At constant temperature, if the volume of a gas were reduced by half, pressure would be: (a) cut in half. (b) doubled. (c) unchanged. (d)
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112_Exam_1_Sp_2003_crib - Name Section Student I.D...

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