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exam final 2 - Test Form A1 Name _________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Test Form A1 Name _________________________ Chemistry 112 Section ____________ FINAL EXAM Total Points = 200 TA ___________________________ Tuesday, 8:00 AM May 4, 2010 Directions: 1. Each student is responsible for following directions. Read this page carefully. 2. Write your name and other requested information on this page and on the separate answer sheet. 3. CODE your name on the answer sheet using an ordinary (#2) pencil. 4. CODE your correct 10-digit identification number (PUID) on the answer sheet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! 5. CODE your section number on the answer sheet. Please use all four digits, 0101, 0102, 0201, etc. This is also very important! 6. CODE the test number shown in the upper right-hand corner of this page onto the answer sheet in the block labeled “Test Form” under the Date line at the top right-hand side. This is Test Form A1. 7. Put all calculations on the examination pages. DO NOT PUT ANY EXTRA MARKS ON THE COMPUTER ANSWER SHEET! 8. This exam consists of 66 multiple-choice questions worth 3.03 points each. Choose the one best or correct answer for each question and write it both on your exam paper and on the computer answer sheet. The computer answer sheet is the only one that will be graded! 9. This exam consists of 16 pages plus a Periodic Table and a sheet of scratch paper. Please check to be sure that you have them all! Useful Information: Gas constant, R = 0.0820 L·atm/(K·mol) Gas molar volume at STP = 22.4 L/mol K = ºC + 273.15 1 atm = 760 torr = 760 mmHg = 1.013 x 10 5 Pa Avogadro’s Number = 6.022 x 10 23 particles/mole KEEP YOUR ANSWERS AND WORK COVERED TO PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR WORK!! Chem 112 − Final Exam (Test A1) − 05/04/10 2 _____ 1. Consider two tanks of noble gases, A and B. The first tank contains only gas A and the second tank contains only gas B. The two tanks have equal pressures, volumes and temperatures. All of the following are equal except the: (a) number of atoms in each tank. (b) number of moles of atoms in each tank. (c) total mass of gas in each tank. (d) average force per square centimeter in each tank. (e) average kinetic energy of the gaseous atoms. _____ 2. If the volume of a confined gas is reduced to ½ the original volume while its temperature remains constant, what change will be observed? (a) The pressure of the gas will increase to twice its original value. (b) The pressure of the gas will remain unchanged. (c) The density of the gas will decrease to ½ its original value. (d) The pressure of the gas will decrease to ½ its original value. (e) The average velocity of the molecules will double. _____ 3. The pressure of 1.25 g of Ar gas in a 4.00 L container at 375ºC is 0.416 atm. This is equivalent to: (a) 183 torr (b) 5.47 × 10 − 4 mm Hg (c) 14.7 psi (d) 4.22 × 10 4 Pa _____ 4. Which intermolecular force or bond is responsible for the density of H 2 O(s) being less than that of H 2 O( ℓ )?...
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exam final 2 - Test Form A1 Name _________________________...

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