IDMinerals - frequently found in rocks. (CAUTION:...

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frequently found in rocks. (CAUTION: Hydrochloric acid can discolor, decompose, and disintegrate mineral and rock samples. USE THE ACID ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS ON ITS USE FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR. NEVER TASTE MINERALS THAT HAVE HAD ACID PLACED ON THEM.) Following the directions given by your instructor, examine the mineral specimens to determine if any exhibit one or more of the special properties listed above. Identification of Minerals Having investigated the physical properties of miner- als, you are now prepared to proceed with the identifi- cation of the minerals supplied by your instructor. To identify a mineral, you must first determine, using available tools, as many of its physical properties as you can. Next, knowing the properties of the mineral, you proceed to a mineral identification key, which often functions like an outline, to narrow down the choices and arrive at a specific name. As you com- plete the exercise, remember that the goal is to learn the pro-
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