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Introduction Lecture Notes - Prof. Jerry W. Kousen...

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Prof. Jerry W. Kousen ERTH 100 Vincennes University Intro to Earth Science Introduction to Earth Science Lecture Notes for Introduction to Earth Science The Four Great Realms The natural systems that are encountered in the study of Earth Science operate within four realms: the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere Atmosphere: a gaseous layer that surrounds the earth Lithosphere: the solid earth Hydrosphere: encompasses all forms of water on the Earth Biosphere: encompasses all living organisms on Earth Earth As a System Earth Systems Science is the interactions between the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and lithosphere that together make up the Earth System . This new interdisciplinary view of our planet highlights the manner in which all systems of the earth control or influence each other on time-scales from days to billions of years. It is now clear that the state of the Earth has dramatically and abruptly changed many times in the past with tremendous environmental repercussions - Why did this happen? As we humans transform the globe in
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Introduction Lecture Notes - Prof. Jerry W. Kousen...

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