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NONMETALLIC MINERALS Hardness Cleavage Other Diagnostic Properties Name (Chemical Composition) Dar k col ore Softer than glass but harder than a fingernail Cleavage present Yellow brown to black; hardness = 4; good cleavage in six directions, light yellow streak that has the smell of sulfur Sphalerite (ZnS) Dark brown to black; hardness = 2.5-3, excellent cleavage in one direction; elastic in thin sheets; black mica Biotite (K, Mg, Fe, OH, Al silicate) Cleavage absent Generally tarnished to brown or green; hardness = 2.5; specific gravity = 9; massive Native copper (Cu) Softer than your fingernail Cleavage not prominent Reddish brown; hardness = 1-5; specific gravity = 4-5; red streak; earthy appearance Hematite (Fe 2 O 3 ) Yellow brown; hardness = 1-3; specific gravity = 3.5; earthy appearance; powders easily Limonite (Fe 2 0 3 • H 2 0) Lig ht Col ore Harder than glass Cleavage present Pink or white to gray; hardness = 6; specific gravity = 2.6; two directions of cleavage at nearly right angles
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