Creative Project and Presentations

Creative Project and Presentations - Creative Project and...

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Creative Project and Presentations Step One: Choose the Creative Path OR the Research Path Step Two: Follow the Directions. Remember that you will be doing both a project and a supplement no matter which path you choose. Step Three: Submit the Assignments correctly and in both places (in the appropriate discussion board section and as usual to Assignments). a. The CREATIVE PATH The project: This option is meant to hone your creative skills as well as your interpretive powers. You may choose from the following ideas or propose another option. Whatever you choose, your project must deal with one of the texts that we have already read as a group; it will help the class to better appreciate your project. You must choose a different text for the Creative Project and the Interpretation paper so choose wisely. Your project should reflect your understanding/interpretation of the text and should work to help us better understand it. There is no page requirement because of the varied types of text; however, the work will be graded on its thoroughness. (No short, cheesy poetry.) Ideas: A recreation---This is a response to a text that requires you to essentially make it new by writing something like a prequel, a sequel, telling it from another point of view, change the time period (think Jane Austen’s Emma and Clueless ), and so on. There are a lot of possibilities. What it must be is true to the original by being consistent with it. An adaptation---You may change the form of your text. For example, you may change fiction into a poem, a song, play, or film treatment. Film concept---You may translate your choice into a film treatment. You could write a description of what your film would be like (who you would cast, what mood you want, who might direct it, what themes you would pull out, what music you would use, what the set design might be like, etc.). You could focus on a scene or two or the work as a whole. You could even present this on powerpoint
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Creative Project and Presentations - Creative Project and...

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