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Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette/Regional Syllabus Course Information Semester : Spring-2010093 Course and Section Number: ENGL 227- 1DD ( CRN #30565 ) Credits : 3.0 Course Title: Introduction to World Fiction Co nt Con Contact Hrs: 3 Hrs Lecture Prerequisites/Corequisites: ENGL 111 English Composition School : Liberal Arts and Sciences Program : Liberal Arts Days : Internet Time: Internet Building: Internet Room: Internet Faculty Information Name : Sarah Guerrettaz Office Location: 1168D Ivy Hall E-mail address: [email protected] Contact Phone: 765.269.5430 Fax: 765.269.5148 School Office: Ivy 1166, 765.269.5710 Office Hours: M&W: 9:00-10:00 & 12:00-1:30; Tu. 12:00-2:00; F. 9:00-10:00 School Office: Ivy Hall 1166, 765-269-5710 Distance Education Contact: Brett Creech, Distance Education Coordinator Email: [email protected] Phone: 765-269-5299; Toll-Free 1-800-669-4882 Ext 5154 Catalog Description: This general survey course introduces the genre of fiction through a focus on world authors. It examines themes and literary devices present in novels and short stories. General Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be expected to: 1. Read an extensive sampling of fiction from around the world. 2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of fictional elements. 3. Identify, discuss, and analyze literary and artistic techniques found in selected works. 4. Demonstrate awareness of recurring thematic concepts present in selected works. 5. Recognize the diversity of worldviews of selected authors. Course Content: Topical areas of study include the following elements of fiction: Plot and conflict Theme Character Short story/novel genres
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Point of view Literary devices Settings Criticism Required Texts: Jerome Beaty, Ed. Norton Introduction to Fiction . Sixth edition. ISBN 0-393-96821-9 Amy Tan. The Joy Luck Club . Penguin, 2006. ISBN 978-0143038092 Cormac McCarthy. The Road . Vintage. ISBN 978-0307387899. Vikas Swarup. . Scribner, 2008. ISBN 978-0743267489 References: Students should find a resource to help with MLA style ( The MLA Handbook , The IvyTech Virtual Library section on MLA) Additional Resources: Appropriate computer resources: internet access, word processing program (Word or equivalent word processing program—not WordPad), PDF reader Teaching Methods: Lecture slides and other presentations of information, links to online resources, class discussion, presentation and creative and creative projects. Grading and Evaluation: Course grades are available for students by logging into the College’s online student system, Campus Connect, at the following address: Grades will not be distributed by mail. Methods of Evaluation:
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sylabus - Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette/Regional...

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