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The Origins of Fruits, Fruit Growing, and Fruit Breeding Jules Janick Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Purdue University 625 Agriculture Mall Drive West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2010 I. INTRODUCTION A. The Origins of Agriculture B. Origins of Fruit Culture in the Fertile Crescent II. THE HORTICULTURAL ARTS A. Species Selection B. Vegetative Propagation C. Pollination and Fruit Set D. Irrigation E. Pruning and Training F. Processing and Storage III. ORIGIN, DOMESTICATION, AND EARLY CULTURE OF FRUIT CROPS A. Mediterranean Fruits 1. Date Palm 2. Olive 3. Grape 4. Fig 5. Sycomore Fig 6. Pomegranate B. Central Asian Fruits 1. Pome Fruits 2. Stone fruits C. Chinese and Southeastern Asian Fruits 1. Peach 1
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