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The hanging gardens of Babylon are one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The gardens are significant because they provided ornamental horticulture and technology involving irrigation. The date palm was were written and in doing so they outlined the practices for irrigation and pollination of the date palm and showed that they (Babylonians) understood how to care for these fruits. They were also some sort of law or order what you couldn’t do, kind of like our national flag or endangered species. This passage involves how the olive began being grafted to make better quality of fruit. Also propagation is mixed in there to show they knew how to create the best they could.
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Unformatted text preview: Bears eat apples, the whole apple, stem and seed. The seed is not broken down and pass through the bear in their poop. Because every mammal loves the best of the crop and the bears liked the sweetest ones, the bears have in essence controlled the path of today’s modern fruit. Pretty much the way the survival of the fittest works. And because seeds were dispersed in their droppings, they were able to spread the area in which they created trees. A fruit wasp is required for pollination and fruit development in a Sycamore. Egypt did not have this. Amos found that by wounding or injuring the fruit it began to ripen because of the release of ethylene....
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