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Raised Beds are beds that are raised and filled with soil which were used in medieval gardens to improve drainage. Le Notre was a very famous French landscape architect. Some of his work includes Vauz-le-Viconte and Versailles. I have been to Versailles and it is amazing. A Pergola is a arbor where climbing plants are trained to grow on a trellis. Usually has a passageway that you can go through. The Gardens of Versailles are very famous French gardens that were designed by Le Notre for Louis XIV. A Sakeih is a chain of pots that are a water lifting device that is made up of buckets on a rotating wheel. A wattle fence is a fence composed of intertwining branches that is often used in medieval gardens.
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Unformatted text preview: A maze is a network of paths that are enclosed by hedges and create a labyrinth. Kitchen Garden is a garden that is private that is very close to home that has fruits, veggies, and herbs to be used in the home. The Feudal System is a system where the monarch owned all the land and allowed the people to use it. The landowner offered protection to the peasants and in turn the peasants work the land as his laborers. A renaissance was a rebirth of western civilization that started in the 14 th century and spread through Europe....
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