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Unformatted text preview: Answers to Botany 304 First Exam January 28, 2011 Question 1 1. Abundant seed production 2. Rapid establishment 3. Dormancy 4. Long survival 5. Vegetative reproduction structures 6. Quickly occupies disturbed sites Question 2 Looking for: Competitive, persistent, and pernicious – negative impact on human activity Question 3 200 species recognized as major problem weeds. Account for 90% of loss, reduce yield in US by 12%, cost producers $32 billion annually Question 4 Rhizomes, stolons, tubers, bulbs For management – looking for something about needing a translocated herbicide ( one that moves to the structure to control, needing to have ample growth on the plant in order to get the movement to the structure, or depending on the type of structure the type of tillage that is or is not needed to prevent spreading the structure to new locations. I accepted most anything that I thought sounded like you were thinking about how you could develop a control practice for the plant structures you identified and gave you most of the points for trying. If I thought you did not have a clue and was blowing smoke, I counted your answer wrong. Question 5 The two functions: Food (nutrient) storage and reproduction The two structures: nodes and internodes Buds develop on the nodes Question 6 Annuals – 1 year, True Biennials – 2 years, True Perennials – 3+ years, True or False (depends or which type of perennial) Question 7 Small weeds – True Large weeds – False 9 but good coverage by a contact herbicide is critical to kills the many buds) Broadleaf weeds growing point above ground Grass weeds below ground Question 8 Apoplast – xylem Symplast – phloem Question 9 Source to sink Question 10 Inactivation Conjugation Compartmentalization Exudation Bonus Question 1 Death Survival Bonus Question 2 Cashew ...
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