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handout 2 - 5 Photosynthetic Inhibitors C Herbicides...

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Primary Sites of Action of Some Common Herbicides A. Herbicides that injure new growth and have the potential to move from leaves to roots 1. Growth Regulators 2. Amino Acid Inhibitors 3. Lipid Synthesis Inhibitors ( Grass Growing-Point Disintegrators) 4. Pigment Inhibitors B. Herbicides that injure old growth first and have the potential to move only upward
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Photosynthetic Inhibitors C. Herbicides causing immediate localized injury with little or no movement 6. Cell Membrane Disruptors (Contact Herbicides) D. Herbicides applied to the soil and have the potential to injure emerging seedlings 7. Cell-Growth Inhibitors...
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