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Unformatted text preview: Weed Identification for BTNY 304 Lab 1. Horsetail Family – Equisetaceae Field horsetail 2. Fern family – Dennstaedtiaceae Bracken fern 3. Grass Family – Poaceae Quackgrass Downy brome Large crabgrass Smooth crabgrass Barnyardgrass Goosegrass Nimblewill Fall panicum Annual bluegrass Giant foxtail Green foxtail Yellow foxtail Shattercane Johnsongrass 4. Sedge Family – Cyperaceae Yellow nutsedge Purple nutsedge 5. Lilly Family – Liliaceae Wild garlic Wild onion Greenbrier 6. Buckwheat Family – Polygonaceae Prostrate knotweed Wild buckwheat Pennsylvania smartweed Ladysthumb Red sorrel Curly dock Broadleaf dock 7. Goosefoot Family – Chenopodiaceae Common lambsquarter Mexicantea Kochia 8. Pigweed Family – Amaranthaceae Prostrate pigweed Readroot pigweed Tall waterhemp 19. Purslane Family – Portulacaceae Common purslane 10. Pink Family – Caryophyllaceae Corn cockle Mouse ­ear chickweed Common chickweed 11. Crowfoot Family – Rununculaceae Smallflower buttercup 12. Mustard Family – Brassicaceae Yellow rocket Black mustard Wild mustard Shepherd’s purse Field pepperweed Virginia pepperweed 13. Rose Family – Rosaceae Indian Mock ­Strawberry Multifloria rose 14. Legume Family – Leguminosae Black medic White clover 15. Woodsorrel Family – Oxalidaceae Common yellow woodsorrel 16. Geranium Family – Geraniaceae Carolina geranium Cutleaf geranium 17. Spurge Family – Euphorbiaceae Spotted spurge Prostrate spurge Virginia Copperleaf 18. Mallow Family – Malvaceae Velvetleaf Venice mallow Common mallow Prickly sida 19. Eveningprimrose Family – Onagraceae Common eveningprimrose 20. Parsely Family – Umbelliferae Spotted waterhemp Poison hemlock Wild carrot Wild parsnip 21. Milkweed Family – Asclepiadaceae Honyvine milkweed Common milkweed 22. Morningglory Family – Convolulaceae Field bindweed Hedge bindweed Ivyleaf morningglory Tall morningglory Pitted morningglory 23. Mint Family – Lamiaceae Ground ivy Henbit Catnip Purple deadnettle 24. Nightshade Family – Solanaceae Jimsonweed Smooth groundcherry Horsenettle Eastern black nightshade Buffalobur 25. Figwort Family – Scrophulariaceae Common mullein Moth mullein Purslane speedwell 26. Plantain Family – Plantaginaceae Buckhorn plantain Broadleaf plantain 27. Composite Family – Asteraceae Common ragweed Giant ragweed Chicory Musk thistle Canada thistle Bull thistle Horseweed (marestail) Rough fleabane (daisy fleabane) White snakeroot Smallflower galinsoga Common sunflower Prickly lettuce Pineapple weed Gray goldenrod Dandelion Tall ironweed Common cocklebur 28. Cucumber Family – Cucurbitaceae Burcucumber 29. Violet Family – Violaceae Common blue violet ...
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