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lecture 01 - 1/9/2011 History and Biology A branch of...

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1/9/2011 1  History and Biology “A branch of agriculture involving the deliberate multiplication of plants to ensure maintenance of desirable characteristics using both sexual and asexual techniques” Hunting and gathering: - Food distribution & plant characteristics determined by the environment - Birth of agriculture ~ 10,000 years ago -Why? Domestication: - process of selecting specific kinds of wild plants and adapting them to human use - drastically changed plants beyond anything found in nature Edible and exotic plant exchanges Centers of learning established - Morrill Act 1862 Wardian Case
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1/9/2011 2 Results of domestication Development of civilization and stable communities Abundant & convenient food supply Diversified supply of other plant materials -F iber - Building materials -Pharmaceut ica ls - Landscape plants - Conservation/restoration Agriculture/Horticulture the deliberate practice of propagation and growing plants for human use Comprised of four distinct activities: Plant Breeders: Create varieties- Introduce genetic variation Select plants with desirable traits Plant Propagators:
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lecture 01 - 1/9/2011 History and Biology A branch of...

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