lecture 06 - 1/29/2011 PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Plant...

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1/29/2011 1 PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Plant hormones (phytohormones) Definition: naturally occurring organic chemicals of relatively low molecular weight active in small concentrations - __________ at a given site and translocated to site of action - involved in induction and ____________ of plant growth and development Plant hormones (phytohormones) Important for plant propagation - internal mechanism that regulate function - induce specific responses Important for human health and well- being Produced by fungi and bacteria Derived from Greek – meaning ‘_____________’ Plant growth regulators Growth Regulators -Aux ins Auxin 1 st plant hormone to be discovered Essential role in plant growth and development - gene expression - plant cell expansion - activation of cambial activity - trophic responses - apical dominance Acts in concert or in opposition to signals from other growth regulators Derived from Greek work “auxano” – means “_______________” + AUX -AUX Auxins stimulate cell expansion acid growth theory
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1/29/2011 2 Auxin functions: Tropic responses http://plantsinmotion.bio.indiana.edu/usbg/sensing.htm ________tropism _______ropism Auxin: application in horticulture Ancient use in horticulture:
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lecture 06 - 1/29/2011 PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Plant...

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