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Quiz 3 - adventitous roots(short answer Wound-Induced...

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4/4/11 Quiz 1. A cutting roots but fails to flower right away. This is largely an issue resulting from: a. totiopotency (clone lacks DNA for flowering) b. competence (clone is juvenile – incompetant to flower) c. laziness 2. Cuttings from juvenile tissue will flower eventually (true or false) False 3. What are the developmental stages of wound-induced de novo adventitous roots? (short answer)
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Unformatted text preview: adventitous roots? (short answer) Wound-Induced - Secondary Meristem 4. Adventitious root Pre-formed – (Primary Meristem) generally lie dormant until stems are made into cuttings and primordia subsequently emerge as adventitious roots. 5. In a periclinal chimera a root or leaf cutting would not maintain the Denise Caldwell...
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