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Bio112 Exp 7

Bio112 Exp 7 - Megaspores – Produced in seed cones...

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PHYLUM GENUS COMMON Hepatophyta Marchantia Liverwort Non-Tracheophyte Bryophyta Mnium Moss Non Tracheophyte Sphenophyta Equisetum Horesetail Tracheophyte-Seedless Pterophyta Polypodium Fern Tracheophyte-Seedless Coniferophyta Pinus Pine Tracheophyte-Seed- No Fruit Anthophyta Lilium Lily Tracheophyte-Seed-Fruit VOCABULARY Thallus – Green leafy body. Archegonia – Special chamber that produces (eggs). Antheridia – Special chamber that produces (sperm). Sporangia – Specialized chambers where sporophytes produce haploid spores. Strobilus – Terminal cluster of sporangia. Sporangiophore – Stalk that supports diploid sporangium. Sori – Clusters of spores. Prothallus – Small heart shaped fern gametophyte which produces both gametes. Rhizoids – Root like growths on the prothallus that absorb moisture and nutrients. Heterosporous- Producing more than one type of spore. Microspores – Produced in pollen cones develop into male gametophytes.
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Unformatted text preview: Megaspores – Produced in seed cones, develop into female gametophytes. 4 Whorls 1. Calyx- Outer Whorl, composed of sepals 2. Corolla- Consists of bright colored petals 3. Androecium-Consist of stamens 4. Gynoecium-Innermost whorl, composed of the pistils or carpels. Sepals – Green leafy structures that enclose the flower prior to opening Petals – important in attracting pollinators. Stamens – Where pollen is produced. Dioecious – Angiosperm which produce flowers of only one gender. Monoecious – Angiosperm which produce flowers of both genders. Inferior Ovary – When a flower have the calyx and corolla originating above the ovary Monocots – Have floral parts in 3’s or multiples of 3’s Dicots – Have floral parts arranged in 4’s or 5’s...
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  • Fern, Flowering plant, Gametophyte, sporangia, Calyx- Outer Whorl, Marchantia Mnium Equisetum Polypodium Pinus

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Bio112 Exp 7 - Megaspores – Produced in seed cones...

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