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Biology Notes 97 - Biology818Chapter1 =lifelogy=studyof...

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Biology 8-18                                                             Chapter 1 Biology- study of life                   Bio= life                   logy=study of Math physics Chemistry Biology Types of biology - Zoology=Study of animals Cardiology= Study of the Heart Ichthyology=Study of fish Mycology=Study of Fungi Ornithology=Study of birds Physiology=How things work Osteology=Study of bones Botany=Study of plants Histology=Study of tissue Organic chemistry- Carbon….important in rigidity of structures , healing of tissue,   muscle contraction Inorganic chemistry-No Carbon Tribal People- Discovered Biology nd  discovery of Biology Aristotle - Father of Biology 384 B.C. A.) Wrote First book of Natural History B.) Went to Plato’s School C.) Discovered the Scientific Method D.) Very good observer of things Middle Ages- 500 A.D. – 1500 A.D.
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A.) Sent out many Explorers such as Desoto…Found lots of new animals, plants, rocks,  etc. . B.) Time of Primitive medicine C.) Tried turning Pb Lead into Au Gold D.) Alchemy??? E.) Church stored lots of the information on scribes F.) Lots of new inventions…lenses G.) Renaissance Period *All studies done around this time were all based around the church *After the middle age period more of the Museums and Universities came along to study  Science Galelio & Copernicus - Found out that Earth revolved around the sun…Church banned Galelio  and put him on house arrest Levels of Organization in Biology Page 4 and 5 Quiz Tuesday Subatomic particles Atomic particles atom molecules Cells Tissue Organs Organ  Systems Multi-cellular  Organisms Population Community Ecosystem Biospheres Solar  System Galaxy Universe 1.) Subatomic Particles- Ex. Quarks
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Biology Notes 97 - Biology818Chapter1 =lifelogy=studyof...

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