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Christopher Hopper English II Mrs. Coulter November 27, 2009 Letter To Author Dear, Mrs. Oates Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been was a very well thought about and written story. This to me sounds like it was an actual experience that occurred to you. However, the one part that mostly disturbed me about this whole story was there was no solid ending. It felt like as if you just left us hanging in the air so we could come up with our own ending, and I did not like that much. My first impression of the ending was that the girl gets either kidnapped or raped, and that disturbed me. I felt like the whole story from the very beginning was a little sick. It all
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Unformatted text preview: started off when the girl was eating and you described this really weird guy who was being very creepy to this sweet little good looking girl. Then you go off and describe how beautiful she is and how he comes to her house when her family was gone. He was talking all sweet to her, and trying to get her to ride with him. The first impression which I had and many of my class had was that something very bad ends up happening to this little girl. However, this was a very well written story and was very descriptive. The only thing which I suggest would be to finish the ending and make it very in depth. Sincerely, Chris Hopper...
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