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Christopher Daniel Hopper True Love True love is emotion and passion. True love is when two individuals see each other and never want to leave one another. True love is a feeling one feels every time he sees or thinks of his or her soul mate. I do not believe true love was ever reached in this movie with any of the characters. Tita and Pedro always had worries and doubts about their relationship together, and that is what kept them from reaching true love. If they question their love and relationship because of other individuals, it cannot in fact be true love. I believe what Tita and Pedro felt was passion. Passion for each other that was stronger than any of the other characters. Every time Tita and Pedro hooked up they always went into a dark secluded room. Pedro and Tita’s dark room was proof of how secretive they wanted to be. Although Tita loves her family immensely, she could not let that love interfere with her love for Pedro; not for the shortest time. Tita and Pedro did not have enough
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