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I am going to continue to use the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross uses the concepts of finding and hiring staff, personnel policies and procedures and the standards and codes of ethics. Firing and hiring staff – “Finding and hiring staff starts with a clear, concise job description. If there is no written job description, the hiring process is handicapped from the beginning” (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 312). The American Red Cross staff consist the majority of volunteers. The basic skills that are required for them to do must be written very clearly. Volunteers are required to sign statement of understanding of their duties and responsibilities. The American Red Cross aids in so many disasters that affect numerous people that volunteers need to know what is expected of them. Personnel policies and procedures – “An organization must have official documents on hand” (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 319). The American Red Cross has manuals that are available to all volunteers and employees of there policies and
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Unformatted text preview: procedures. These policies and procedures are also available on the internet. Having written procedures alleviates any misunderstanding of what this organization is authorized to do and prevents any legal allegations that can be brought against them. Standards and code of ethics – “Nonprofit, organizations are natural vehicles for the development of standards, because within them may reside the greatest concentrations of expertise in the subject areas involved” (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 340). The American Red Cross has to take extra with their volunteers and when hiring staff. They have to make sure that polices and procedures are being enforced. Since the American Red Cross is one of the nations premier emergency response organization, they have to ensure that all personnel is held to uphold standards and code of ethics. Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc. (2000). The complete guide to nonprofit management. Second Edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc....
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