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Mr. Alvey 409dbr3

Mr. Alvey 409dbr3 - society Making other countries aware of...

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Mr. Alvey You discussion post was very informative. I have never heard of Promise Keepers. I see that they have been around since 1990. I think going international is step this organization should take. “The first step to going international is to develop a realistic goal” (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 230). By going international, the Promise Keepers can reach a wider audience. You stated that one of the goals of the Promise Keepers is to strengthen nations, and as nation leaders become aware of the Promise Keepers they will realize the importance they have on
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Unformatted text preview: society. Making other countries aware of the Promise Keepers, I think, can accomplish this goal. To help this organization go international, a checklist for assessing and developing international activities should be developed. (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 244) Having organizations like this in other countries I think can help strengthen relationships amongst governments. I enjoyed your discussion post. Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc. (2000). The complete guide to nonprofit management. Second Edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. www.promisekeepers.org...
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