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Promise Keepers - Promise Keepers For many years the...

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Unformatted text preview: Promise Keepers For many years the Promise Keepers organization has been challenging Christian men to rise up and be the men of God through a truly dedicated life to Christ. Christian men all over the world have been blessed by the unique outreach of this ministry. I can give testimony to the fact that the principles they teach are biblical, therefore they do apply and work. Men are encouraged to “Seize the Moment” and take back what sin and Satan have stolen from them and believe God can, in healed lives. (Phillips, 1994, pp. 1-12) Get public support by building your organizations public policy. Public policy issues that affect the members and supporters of your organization are the foundation of a successful government relations program. Every strong nation has solid families. One of the goals of Promise Keepers is to strengthen nations by helping the family leadership. As nation leaders become aware of organizations like Promise Keepers through public relations they will realize the importance they have on society. As a result of this understanding and partnership relations they will realize the importance they have on society....
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