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Research Paper - Fundraising for non-profit organizations...

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Fundraising for non-profit organizations can be rewarding and challenging. Money can be made if the organization is willing to dedicate their time and effort to the cause and properly identify fundraising methods. The first step of developing a fundraising plan is to identify the goal. “Set what you believe to be achievable, realistic goals when starting out, and make sure you meet or exceed every one of them” (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, 2000, p 100). Once this is completed, the organization can determine the type of fundraiser that will be appropriate and the type of event to use to raise these funds. There are a variety of ways to raise funds such as; charitable auctions, internet mailing, contributions, dues, solicitation and much more. “Many of today’s non-profits are beginning to realize that the internet is both an effective and efficient means of fundraising and quickly develop their plan around this technology” (Fritz). Now that we have the ways to raise funds, we need to understand the types of events that are commonly used in raising funds. “There are four common types of fund raising for non-profits; event based, mailing based, grand writing and business sponsors” (McConkey). Event based fundraising is time consuming. The organizer of an event based fundraiser needs to take into consideration of the area and have enough support to make this event successful. Examples of event based fundraisers are gift wrapping, car wash, bakes sales just to
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Research Paper - Fundraising for non-profit organizations...

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