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Syllabus 4409 fall 08 - Fall 2008 Title Working with...

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Fall 2008 Title: Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings FYC 4409 Section 5237X Credit: 3 Credit Hours nd period MWF Location: Williams Hall 0100 Instructor: Elizabeth B. Bolton, Ph.D. Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences 3026A McCarty Hall Office Hours by Appointment: Thursday 1 pm – 3 pm Phone: 392 1987 ext 254 E Mail: Prerequisites : This course is designed for advanced undergraduate students with a junior or senior standing required. It is a required course for the interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Organizational Leadership in Nonprofits offered through the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences. Course Description: The purpose of this course is to prepare students with specific competencies needed for employment in nonprofit organizations. These competencies are derived from the research literature, professional experience, and student comments after their practicum experience. The course is dedicated to developing professional leadership for the nation’s nonprofit agencies. Upon completion of this course, the student will possess a critical understanding of the historical development and impact of the nonprofit sector, the functions and purpose of nonprofit organizations, how they are organized and operate, and the basic structure of an incorporated nonprofit. The governance and board of directors will be covered in the context of the management and leadership of the organization as a business entity. Course Format: The course includes lectures, reading, discussion, guest speakers, written assignments, student presentations and two exams. Course Goals: In this course students will: 1. Describe the historical and philosophical foundations of nonprofits in America 2 Describe the current status of the nonprofit sector in Florida and the US. 3. Understand the management functions of a nonprofit organization to include: a. the purpose, function and responsibilities of the nonprofit board b. the strategic planning process c. the marketing role d. the type of activities e. the fund raising process f. educational programs g. public relations tools h. gaining political support i. financial management j. human resources k. legal requirements
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4. Know the size, scope, purpose and target constituencies of the major fields within the nonprofit sector to include: a. health b. education c. social services d. arts and culture e. housing and community development f. international assistance g. religious congregations h. civic participation and advocacy i. infrastructure organizations j. foundations Required Texts: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc. (2000). The complete guide to nonprofit management. Second Edition. New York: Salamon, L.M. (Ed.) (2002).
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Syllabus 4409 fall 08 - Fall 2008 Title Working with...

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