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Vernice Deis March 15, 2011 Checkpoint: You Are a Member of Congress What factors make it more likely that a bill will become law? Support the time and funding being available that would be necessary to support the bill. What factors make it less likely? Lack of time to discuss the bill, lack of support, inadequate funds. Is it easy or difficult to pass a bill? Difficult, because there are many phases and challenges during the process of passage. What are some of the advantages of passing legislation quickly? It makes it easier to accomplish
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Unformatted text preview: the next step when the support is readily indicated. • What are some of the disadvantages? Issues may not be well considered and there may be problems later. • Does fundraising consume too much of the legislators' time and energy? Yes it can, however, be part of the process of bolstering needed support for the bill. • Does it affect their behavior? Why or why not? Surely. Fundraising may cause them to be less attentive to important issues and to favor those who provide funding in their construction of the bill....
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