beuarcy and u - The federal government regulates many areas...

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Unformatted text preview: The federal government regulates many areas that affect the lives of everyone, everyday. Taxes are one area where no one escapes. If property is owned taxes are paid each year to the state and county in which the property is located. Sales tax is also one that everyone will pay regardless of property owned or not. Federal tax on the other hand, everyone who works will pay this tax at the end of each year on wages or interest earned. Each household or person will pay taxes based on marital status, number dependents, and gross yearly wage. There are always some who will not have to pay the federal tax due to the amount earned being below the poverty level. (Internal Revenue Service, 2008) Not only does the federal government regulate taxes they have a hand in the Department of Transportation (DOT). Congress created the DOT in 1966 in order to ensure fast, safe and efficient transportation for the nation. Roads are extremely important to everyone. In today’s society, it is hard to imagine anyone not using the state hwy, or interstate to get to or from work on. Family vacations would be hard to achieve with no highways or without maintenance of the highways. The DOT ensures that all state and interstate right of ways are clear of snow, hail or debris. The agency ensures all roadways are in working order and are not a hazard to the public who are out driving on the roadways. The challenge DOT faces now is meeting the “needs of a population and economy that continues to grow.” (Department of Transportation, 2009) Of course, now that there are roads, vehicles were bound to come along and with that pollution. The federal government saw a need to regulate that as well. During the Nixon administration the Environment Protection Act was established (EPA) and became the government’s widely perceived environmental crisis. Though it started out strong over several administrations it weakened until the Love Canal expose’. This was a scandal involving a long term toxic pollution by a chemical company in Niagara Falls, NY and Congress mandated that a new an EPA...
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beuarcy and u - The federal government regulates many areas...

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