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Bureaucracy and You - Running head Bureaucracy and You...

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Running head: Bureaucracy and You Deis 1 Bureaucracy and You Vernice Deis March 27, 2011 POS 110
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Running head: Bureaucracy and You Deis 2 Bureaucracy and You The federal government has several regulations that influence the daily lives of Americans, often without our understanding of the full impact. There are several that have recently been noticed in my daily life that must be noted and possibly further researched because of how they have affected me. From public transportation via the interstate system, the educational structure, the provisions of Medicare and other insurance, and of course the income taxes and property taxes that are automatically drafted out of my monthly pay, the federal government plays an active role in how I lead my life. One most important feature of the federal government that should be further reviewed to see the full extent to which it is shaping my daily life is that of the educational system. I was well aware that the government had its hand in providing insurance benefits and of course with the recent national healthcare system that is being implemented, it is not an unfamiliar topic. Additionally, the federal government has been known to be actively involved in the banking system as they attempt national bailouts for banks. One feature of the government that I did not realize had such a root in the federal government is the transit system. It had been my misconception that states were mostly in charge of the transit systems and the roads and interstate that I utilize daily. Upon reviewing information regarding the building and maintaining of roads, I found that while states do have specific regulations when dealing with transit, any transportation lines that cross states then become the playing field for the federal government. Thus, I have chosen to research and discuss the Federal Highway Administration.
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