civil liberites and civil rights

civil liberites and civil rights - Running head:...

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Running head: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Deis 1 Affirmative Action Vernice Deis POS 110 Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Running head: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Deis 2 Affirmative Action Affirmative action was introduced in 1961 by President Kennedy as a form of redressing discrimination that was still present despite the civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2007). Affirmative action aims at providing minorities and women equal rights to employment and education. Affirmative action was debatable since it began in the 1960’s and is still a very debatable topic today. Affirmative action requires increased attention and knowledge to understand both the pros and the cons of affirmative action and allow people to make educated decisions on affirmative action being beneficial or detrimental. Affirmative action is a set of public policies aimed at protecting the civil rights of underprivileged individuals of minority races or who are women. Affirmative action policies require that all state and local governments and all businesses associated with government funding must adopt the principles of affirmative action (Edwards III, Wattenberg, Lineberry, 2008). The principle action of affirmative action is the better treatment of members of minority groups and women. Many argued that affirmative action policies were violating the principle of the law which states all individuals are equal. The policies related to affirmative action needed some mending. While affirmative action was a stepping stone for minorities and women to become equal in the areas of employment and education, there were still some areas of vagueness. Affirmative action has been the topic of many court cases where different rulings have resulted from the different understandings of the policies. While affirmative action may be necessary to assure that
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civil liberites and civil rights - Running head:...

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