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Vernice Deis March 11, 2011 Checkpoint week 4 1. Is this incident simply a schoolboy prank, or is this sexual harassment? This is most certainly not a male adolescents joke. I call it unwanted sexual advances. The young men who are responsible for this should be severely punished. 2. Should the boys involved be punished? If so, what should the punishment be? The boys should be indeed punished for their act. The punishment should be so hard that they will never force themselves in a sexual fashion again. The punishment should first start off by apology to the girls. 3. Should this incident be limited to the class, or should the principal and parents be notified? The incident should be made known to the whole school. This will serve
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Unformatted text preview: to underscore the seriousness of the boy’s crime. The principal should bring the news to the school. The parents should be notified immediately. 4. Should Ms. Reid turn the incident into a learning situation for the entire class? If she asks Yes Ms. Reid should use the incident to educate the class concern. I believe it would be a good learning experience for the whole class. The teacher should not use names, but say she has noticed it happening. After she or he speaks a little about the different scenarios then she or he could play a video that explains sexual harassment and what the consequences would be. After the informational video she could explain and discuss it with her class....
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