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Vernice Deis March 27,2011 CheckPoint: Bureaucratic Reform What does the term red tape mean, and how does it relate to the federal bureaucracy? “Red Tape” originated far before the United States Congress. For hundreds of years, all papal proclamations – orders that had to be followed -- were bound in red tape. It continued in England and was carried to the United States. The first major discussion of it here was that all Civil War Veterans had their records bound in red tape and it was difficult to get access to them. It is considered, in the modern federal bureaucracy, to mean something where you need to follow the rules fastidiously in order to get something accomplished. Many public and private organizations – especially those providing grants – tend to make the rules very specific and if you miss even one thing, you will not be granted the money to use. Many small towns that do not have someone with a lot of experience applying for such money lose out to the federal government and other groups that offer funds for specific projects. Red tape can also be used as a catch-all phrase for those situations where you need to complete multiple forms for the same thing, or have to get approvals from multiple committees, or anything else that can tie up and constrict your efforts to move ahead with
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redtape - Vernice Deis March 27,2011 CheckPoint:...

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