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ITP 125 Lab 8: Risk Assessment Due: 11/24 Background You have been hired by ACME Consulting, a security consulting firm. One of the first clients you have to work with is a small private high school in the Los Angeles area. The school has 300 students from 9th to 12th grade. The school also has 30 faculty members, and 20 staff members. The school wants to set up all the classrooms with new infrastructure, with laptops embedded in every desk, instructor workstations at the front of every classroom, and wireless access across the entire campus. The IT administrator understands the importance of computer security, so he hired ACME Consulting to
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Unformatted text preview: work on the computer and information security infrastructure. You are part of the security team. You have been given the task of risk assessment for the school. Instructions Your team leader has given you the assignment of risk assessment for this project. You need to draft a risk assessment document. In the document, you must include asset identification, a threat vector list, and a risk analysis (likelihood of event occurring and impact analysis). Grading 20 points total...
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