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Practice test --- Each question is worth 5 marks. Total 95 marks + 5 bonus marks = 100 marks. A. Multiple choice questions (one correct answer) 1. The truth value of a compound statement depends on the truth values of… a. Its components b. The rest of the argument c. Its disjuncts d. The conclusion 2. In a conditional statement, the first part is the antecedent and the second part is the. .. a. Predicate b. Consequent c. Subject d. Disjunct 3. The standard form statement No S are P is a… a. Universal negative b. Universal affirmative c. Particular affirmative d. Particular negative 4. The pattern of standard form categorical statements is… a. Subject term, copula, predicate term, quantifier b. Subject term, copula, negative term, quantifier c. Quantifier, subject term, copula, predicate term d. Quantifier, subject term, predicate term, copula 5. The proper translation of “Chevrolets are not birds” is. . . a. No Chevrolets are birds b. No birds are Chevrolets c. Some Chevrolets are birds d. Some Chevrolets are not birds 6. When we draw a conclusion about a target group based on an inadequate sample size, we make an error known as… a. Inductive fault b. Biased sample c. Hasty generalization d. Representative sample 1
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7. The correct symbolic form for the syllogism “No apples are vegetables. Some plants
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LR%20Solutions%20P-Test%202 - Practice test - Each question...

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