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Phil 105 Friday Discussion Section Exercise: 2/4 In your group, plan your “ideal city” (the ideal social arrangement). By “ideal” I mean one that best embodies “justice” or is the “best” city in the sense of the most moral and most just one for everyone. Make decisions along the following lines. Be ready to say why you have chosen the position and why you have rejected others? You are also welcome to add anything that might make the city closer to the ideal of “a just society.” 1) How should the rulers be determined? Vote? Merit? Popularity? Intelligence? Wealth? 2) How are the “lower” or menial jobs taken care of (by whom, what remuneration do they receive, what is their “status” in society)? 3) Is there a military force? If so, who joins it? What are its functions? Who controls it?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) What are the founding principles of society? Equality, in what sense? Freedom, in what sense? Stability? Happiness? Rights and which ones? Religious ones? 5) How will wealth be distributed? Free market? Distributed according to norms of social justice and equality? Distributed to achieve happiness and well-being? Strict equality? 6) Will there be rigid classes or unlimited social mobility (equal opportunity)? Why one or the other? 7) How would law be created in your ideal society? How would be enforced? What punishments? 8) How could your social organization be said to have the virtues of courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice? 9) How would education work? Health care? Joblessness? Poverty? Hunger? 10) What freedoms would be allowed? Drugs? Guns?...
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